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Chapter 888 –Brother’s Conflict Part 3

Chapter 888 –Brother’s Conflict Part 3 “Roger!” Tian Mo hastily turned around and instructed his subordinates that were behind him, “Why are all of you just standing there? Haven’t you hear his order? You should first start with Shi Hua! That damnable fool must be too tired of living already in thinking of killing the Lord Mother of the current head of the sect! That’s right, don’t kill him too easily. You must kill him in a fashion that will please the Lord. And, there is also that Liu Lu that can’t be spared as well. She is just a lowly maidservant. First, you are to skin her face before cutting her once daily until she bleeds to death…” Liu Lu’s body shivered uncontrollably upon hearing Tian Mo’s order. Suddenly, she pounced over toward Ye Wu Chen and knelt down with all her might as she pleaded, “Mister Ye, please have mercy on me. If you let me off, I can give Wei Wei to you as your concubine.” Liu Lu currently only had that solution. ‘Men held more power over women in this continent. ‘Girls are only accessories to men! ‘Hence, the only one that can really make the decision to change the situation is him!’ Ye Si Huang and Zi Qian Jing’s expression turned grim. It was unimaginable for them that there would be a person that would actually dare to give a concubine to their Father right before their eyes. Dou Wei Wei quickly returned to her senses as she raised her gaze to look at Ye Wu Chen’s handsome face. ‘I know that it is impossible for me to marry this man as his wife. But I will be satisfied if I can even be his concubine. ‘Even if it is only a one night stand…’ “Mister Ye!” Dou Wei Wei knelt down to the ground. With her gravely pale little face glowing slightly under the sunset, she said, “Wei Wei is willing to service Mister for my entire life and eternity! I am also willing to take care of the young master for Mister. Moreover, I can help the young master govern the Devil Sect.” ‘I am a really ambitious person so it is definitely impossible for me to be just a concubine! ‘It is just a Devil Sect. How hard can it be for me to govern this power? The Devil Sect will then be mine at that time! ‘Moreover, the head of the Devil Sect is just a kid. How can he become the head of the Devil Sect by his own might? It is needless to think to know that it is by the assistance from this man. ‘He had just inherited his Father’s position… ‘If I can have sex with Mister Ye, the son that comes from both of us will certainly be more outstanding than this brat. Why will I need to fret Mister Ye won’t love me at that time?’ “My wife…” Ye Wu Chen shifted his head to Mu Ru Yue. With a smile, he suggested, “How about we keep her…” Dou Wei Wei was elated as she looked complacently at Mu Ru Yue. ‘As expected, men can never resist my charm! So what if he is really powerful? Hasn’t he still fancy me in the end?’ “Weren’t you lacking a human guinea pig previously? She will be perfect in testing out those new pills. But I don’t know which pill we shall test on her first. Penetrating The Heart Ten Thousand Times Powder? Eroding Bone Powder? Hmm~ how about… Snake Spirit Ointment?” Dou Wei Wei’s expression stiffened as she widened her eyes in terror. She shrieked heart-wrenchingly, “No!!!” ‘How can he treat me so cruelly?’ “Mister Ye, my Granddaughter is still a maiden after all. How can you be that heartless?” Liu Lu had completely lost her rationality at this moment after experiencing intense fear, happiness, and sorrow consecutively. She yelled furiously at Ye Wu Chen while pointing at him, “Why can’t you accept her when she loves you that much? What is so bad about her? Won’t you have nightmares for treating a girl that likes you in such a horrible fashion? A person like you must have a heart of wolf and lungs of dog1. You must also have not been educated by your parents, leading in you treating a girl that deeply loves you terribly!” 1.It is an idiom that means cruel and unscrupulous ↩