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Chapter 889 –Brother’s Conflict Part 4

Chapter 889 –Brother’s Conflict Part 4 Liu Lu’s hair spew unkempt over her shoulders like a mad woman. She was like an enraged wild lion. Her expression was so sinister that it seemed as though she wanted to pounce on Ye Wu Chen and bite him. Bang! Zi Qian Jing raised his leg to kick her flying away. Following that, he dusted his silver long robe as he raised his chin slightly as he looked down at her and said, “I don’t need you to criticize my Father!” Pfft! Liu Lu spat out a mouthful of blood as she gradually regained her sanity. Yet, just when she became fearful of what she just said, a sinister aura came over to her from behind. Boom! That aura sent Liu Lu flying, crashing heavily on the ground. “You damn old hag, that kind of old granny doesn’t even qualify to speak to my Father. Yet, you want her to marry my Father? And, my Father has a heart of a wolf and lung of a dog for not wanting to marry that detestable woman? It can’t be my Father has to marry every girl that fancies him, right? This Emperor can clearly tell you this now that my Father will only have my Mother in his entire life and eternity! Any other girls can just forget about it!” “That’s just Impossible!” Liu Lu’s expression changed. ‘The head of the family still has several concubines no matter how much the head loved his wife. Moreover, he previously just couldn’t fancy me due to my ordinary appearance. Hence, with the addition of that woman’s objection, I couldn’t become his concubine. ‘It could be seen that men will never be loyal and devoted to only a woman.’ “There will surely be other girls that will successfully infiltrate into their relationship even without my Foster Granddaughter’s interference. Haha! She will undoubtedly be unable to enjoy all of the love from a man for all her life and eternity!” Liu Lu laughed brazenly. ‘I suddenly have the urge in wanting to see the appearance of that woman’s biological Granddaughter in sorrow and despair. A prideful woman like herself will definitely be unable to withstand that agony!’ Ye Wu Chen’s purple eyes became increasingly gloomy. A sinister cold aura gradually spread outward from his purple robes. “It seems that you don’t feel like dying easily…” He raised his purple eyes. Boom! A tyrannical aura burst forth from his body, making Liu Lu fly backward. Her body glidden on the ground for several metres before stopping. “Everyone in this world can’t be even compared to a single strand of Mu Er’s hair in my eyes! Little Huang Er, let someone tie her at the back of a horse carriage, but don’t allow her to die just from being dragged on the ground by the horse carriage! Following that, you are to let her try each and every poison pills that your Mother had refined! Finally, they are to excavate the flesh of her body and feed them to the dogs!” Ye Si Huang turned around to look at Tian Mo that was standing behind him and instructed, annoyed, “Haven’t you hear my Father’s words? Immediately implement his order! This damn old hag actually dares to try and separate my Father and Mother! She deserves to die ten thousand times!” “Understood!” Tiano Mo looked at Liu Lu with slight sympathy. ‘She could have died somewhat easily. Yet, she decided to do such a foolish act. Now, she probably won’t be able to die with an intact corpse…’ “No! You can’t do that to me!” Liu Lu finally knew fear as horror was expressed in her gaze. She wanted to escape but how could Tian Mo give her the slightest chance in doing so… “Huang Er,” Zi Qian Jing swept a glance at Dou Wei Wei’s gravely pale face and asked, “How shall we deal with this woman that tried to seduce our Father?” Ye Si Huang raised his brow slightly and walked toward Dou Wei Wei. As he neared, Dou Wei Wei felt her heartbeat slowed as she looked in terror at the ruthless and bloodthirsty expression of his tiny face… ‘This kid obviously looks so adorable. Yet, it is unknown to me why he makes me so fearful of him.’ Ye Si Huang parted his pink lips slightly and said with a childish voice in a ruthless tone, “Kill!” “I was wrong. I was really wrong!” Dou Wei Wei kowtowed with all her might and with a gravely pale complexion, she pleaded, “Please let me off. I promise to scram as far as possible away from all of you, never appearing before your sight…”