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Bab 137

Chapter 136: 5% To Survive "Master Rong, Yus troops invading our two ships." a man standing in front Rong Yuan reporting to him. "Take that girl and cut her hand. Send to her father after that."he puff his smoke out from his mouth. "But, Master Rong Yue was with Su Zhin in the cell room right now." "So, they play with my pawn?" "Y-yes." "Hmm..Let them be.. must be that bitch who's alarming the Yus. Tell our force to kill all of their trooper. They want a war? We give a them a war. Prepare for battle." he stood up and walk out from his room follow by a group of elite bodyguard clearing his way.. . . Cyrus walk inside the room. The door was unlocked. When he step inside, Zhi Ann already sit at the big chair waiting for him. She smile to him. "Brother Grim.. how are you? You look young, not like your aged at all." Her gaze was soft and delicate as always. "Zhi Ann, why? Why didn't you tell me the consequence to throne up as a master will required your life at the stakes?" he walk closer to her. "I told you before didn't i? to take down a whole underground world is not as easy as taking down an island. After all, my father start this. I as his daughter need to end this. My blood is stained by my father deeds. I take this as my punishment for being born into this mess up family." "Tell me, is there any way to take out the chip? I will surely help you and ask Lee to spare your life." He hold her hand gently making Zhi Ann's eyes start to welling up. Shake her head, she said with a sad voice. "There is one. I search for the whole 20 years just to find a possibility for me to stay alive. But, the more I search, the more scared I become. Please..just let me die happily." "Zhi Ann.. I can't just take your life like that. We've been growing up since you were still a little and I always thought you as my little sister." "No..I rather be killed by you than I die in a pathetic way. Please.." she sobbing. "Here.. use this." She take out her family knife which is craft with a jade at the handle. "Zhi Ann…" Looking at her red eyes, make him sad. He take the knife and wait for Richard's instruction. ... Beep! His high tech watch got a message, he look at his watch. It has been set for 20 minutes. "20 minutes left. Do you have any message for my daughter? You've been raising her when she was still a baby. I owed you so much Zhi Ann." He sit on the floor facing Zhi Ann. While Zhi Ann clench her hand on her chest tightly. "Xu Nian..she already grown up now. She's so beautiful. Just like your wife back then." she sniffle and continue again. "Now I heard that she wanted to get married next week. How I wish I could attend her wedding day.." she wipe her wet eyes. "Tell her I love her.. I thank you for letting me keep your daughter. There is nothing that I wish than to end this grief." Cyrus look at her face. "Very well. I'll make it faster so that you would not feel any pain." he stood up and hug her shoulder try to give her strength. A minute later, her door room was kick open by Rong Yuan from outside. "You bitch!!" he roar after seeing her in the embrace of Grim. He take out his gun and shoot at him. Everything was so fast when Cyrus immediately grab Zhi Ann's body and hide behind the chair. "Come out now Grim!!" he shout. A few of his bodyguard standing behind him and search around the room. Cyrus bring Zhi Ann close to him, he take out his gun and looked at his watches. 15 minutes left. He need to end Zhi Ann's life when it reach the time limit. If not, the nuclear code will launch automatically. Pointing his gun to his bodyguard, he shoot him and change his hiding spot immediately. "You cannot die yet honey..this is your father legacy. Why would you want to end his legacy? He raise you with this kind of job. Fed you with his dirty money. You loved him too right? Come on..get out now..I won't mad at you. I won't fuck you like I did yesterday." Grim turn his looks at Zhi Ann after he heard Rong Yuan's word. Zhi Ann just avert her eyes away. She knew, Grim must be really angry after he knew that this whole years before, she always being r*ped by that man. He whisper to her. "I'm gonna kill him! I really gonna kill him!" Zhi Ann shake her head, she then take out her knife and make a gesture to him. She want to divert Rong Yuan's attention to her, and while she do that, she want Grim to kill all of his bodyguard in her room. That way, they had time before her final moment. Cyrus disagree with her plan. He want to take her out from the ship but Zhi Ann already bow to him, begging him to end her life without anyone knowing her identity. She want everything to be seal in her room. Closed his eyes, he could not bear to look at Zhi Ann's eyes. Finally he nodded. . . . Few hours earlier, Beep! Jack look at his phone. He frowned and turned his head to Lee Zhing in front of him. "Zhing..I need to go now. It's an emergency matter. I call you back once I done with this okay?" he caress her cheek. "What? Now? It already night, do you still need to go?" she asked him gently. "Yeah. It's important." "Hmm.. fine. Make sure you come back safely." "Thank you, love." he stand up and kiss her forehead. Before he walk, Lee Zhing hold his hand. "Here. You forgot to kiss me here." she pointed at her lips. Jack turn his head around. There is so many people at the restaurant now, it's not polite for him to kiss her in the public. He squint his eyes a bit. "We're in public now." "Or else you cannot go." she threaten him. Immediately he lean his body and kiss her lips gently. "Satisfied, ma'am?" he lift his eyebrow to her. She giggle and nod. "Yes, sir. Off you go." she release his hand. Chuckle he hurriedly said. "I'll be real quick. Love you. Bye." Lee Zhing wave her hand. ... Jack open his car door and step inside the car. He put on his Bluetooth device and instructed a few air fighter at the base. "15 jet fighter send to the heat location now. Prepare me one jet. I will going to the location too." "Yes sir." He drove his car faster to the Yu's air base. When he arrived, a few soldier hand him his equipment and he immediately change his attire. "Jack!" Yu Ran walk to him. "Why are you here?" he ask worriedly. Jack will get married at end of the month. He doesn't need to go to the location. He can only instructed his men from the communication tower. "It's my duty sir. Allowed me to be part of this mission." he said firmly. He sighing. Looking at him, he placed his hand on his shoulder. "Please bring back my son and daughter safely. I count on you. And..you be safe too." "Affirmative, sir." he salute and wear his helmet after that. Sit inside the jet fighter, he show a 'good' sign to Yu Ran before he take off from the base. . . . "Ramon. Keep me update. What is other three location situation?" Richard asked. He couldn't stop from rubbing his hand worriedly. "All three location are now in invasion mode. Two of master already start the war. But their location is far from main city and town, so it'll be okay. For one other location, like us, they're in the sea. So our troops are going planting a bomb to their base right now." Ramon brief Richard. They are now in the Cessna Citation jet flying to the location as fastest as they can. "Did you get all three master identity? I need their details now." "Uh…wait a sec…" Beep! "Got it. I send to you now." Ramon click on Enter button. Richard retrieve his phone and look at the details. He scrunch his eyebrow. "The fourth master is a woman?" "Yup. And..her name is.. Zhi Ann." Said Ramon, still focus on his screen. Yu Lin immediately turned his head and look at Ramon's laptop screen. "Check possibility to hack the chip. Now!" Richard heart beating fast. 'Damn! Damn! Why the hell the fourth master is my wife's aunt? I remember her face. She's the one who gave me all the location. Is that mean she knew all this time?' he already circling around Ramon. Yu Lin also immediately do some research on how to save Zhi Ann besides killing her. Few minutes pass. "Richard, there is one way!" Ramon almost jump from his seat after he get the result. "Hurry tell me." "But, the chance is only 5% to survive." "It's better than zero. At least we try." Ramon nod to Richard's statement. "Yu Lin, I need your help for creating a virus. I'll do the rest of the process." Ramon turned his head to Yu Lin as he nodded his head. He grab his laptop and start working on his assessment. "Call Cyrus now." Ramon nod and give the instruction through the comm. . . . Yu Lin looked at his wrist watch. "10 minutes to arrive at location. Jack already led the air fighter squad, and my father send three rescuer boat and seven boat of platoon to the location earlier than air fighter squad." "Boat will take more time to come, so Yu Ran send the boat first before the jet. Jet fighter is the fastest way to attack them and worked great as our defends too." Ramon said. "What about your squad?" Yu Lin ask Richard. "They all in other three location. It'll take more time if I send my unit in here since their base is much closer to the other three location. For now, I just send my best man to retrieve Hai Rin and try to save Zhi Ann." Stand up, he already in standby mode to landing on the ships follow by Ramon and Yu Lin. Yu Lin pass Ramon a flash disk that he already create a new virus in it. The finishing step will be Ramon's job to do it. "Remember, hijack two others ships and retrieve their data. Don't miss a single things." He reminds Yu Lin and then he turned his head to Ramon. "Don't worry. I will try my best to corrupting her chips before the timing end." Ramon said while Yu Lin nodded. voiletevergarden voiletevergarden Yup. We are near to the End of this novel. : ) Comments (21) arrette arrette Adrenalin! Terima kasih karena tidak mengunci novel Anda. Sangat menyukainya. Semoga Anda bekerja dengan novel lain. Prettyzazi Prettyzazi Dalam skala sepuluh, ini bukan nomor 1 bagi saya. Saya suka cerita cerita ini. Saya berharap mereka bisa menyelamatkan bibi Hai Rin. williana96 williana96 Terima kasih karena tidak menguncinya dan saya sangat suka novel ini Beri peringkat bab ini Pilih dengan Power Stone Bab 137: Kamu Mengambil Apa Punyaku, Sekarang Aku Mengambil Apa Milikmu "Siap meluncurkan rudal. Angkatan Udara 1, meminta izin untuk menjatuhkan rudal." Jack memandang ke bawahnya dari jendela kaca jet, tiga kapal perang yang seukuran tiga lapangan sepak bola di laut mulai menembaki mereka. "Permintaan dikabulkan." Jack menjawab dengan menggunakan headset penerbangannya. Satu rudal jatuh ke salah satu kapal di sebelah kanan, membuat ledakan besar di geladak. "Untuk kapal utama, pertahankan landasan udara tetap ada. Cessna Jet akan mendarat sebentar lagi. Pertahankan kepalamu terus, kawan. Ayo tendang pantat orang jahat ini." "Woohooo ... Itu bos kami." salah satu pria itu berkata dengan senang hati membuat semua yang lain mulai bersukacita juga. "Jaga pandanganmu ke depan, teman-teman .." Jack membuntuti salah satu jet tempur musuh di langit. "Bos .. selamat atas hari pernikahanmu di akhir bulan ini. Kudengar istrimu benar-benar cantik." "Woah ... mudah .. jangan mengalihkan perhatian bos kita mengejar orang jahat di sini." "Hei teman-teman, kudengar istri bos mirip Selena Gomez." "Yo, teman-teman. Jika kamu benar-benar ingin melihat istriku, pastikan kalian semua tidak mati hari ini. Dan ya istriku sangat cantik. Sekarang mari kita kembali bekerja. Kurang mengobrol, mengobrol, lebih banyak tentang pemotretan." Jack memperingatkan unitnya. "Baiklah, bos. Kamu ikut." "Yeehaa .." salah satu unitnya mulai menembak jet musuh di langit. . . "Sepertinya Jack sudah membuka jalan bagi kita untuk mendarat." Yu Lin berkata ketika dia melihat beberapa jet tempur mendekati mereka. Ada tiga jet tempur yang mengawal jet mereka ke darat. Sekelompok tentara menunggu kedatangannya di geladak. "Tuan Lee." salah satu anggota tim memberi hormat kepadanya. "Dengan tenang. Kirim orangku ke kapal berikutnya." katanya agak keras karena suara dari mesin Jet membuatnya sulit untuk berbicara. Mengangguk. Dia memimpin Ramon dan Yu Lin ke Helikopter. Ketika Yu Lin berjalan ke helikopter, tiba-tiba Zi Fei berlari ke arahnya. "Yu Lin!" katanya bahagia melihat kekasihnya baru saja tiba dan selamat. "Zi Fei!" dia memeluknya erat. "Apakah kamu baik-baik saja? Aku ingin pergi ke kapal lain. Mau ikut denganku?" dia bertanya padanya. Mengangguk, dia berjalan bersamanya ke helikopter. "Wow! Sekarang akulah yang tidak memiliki agen khusus untuk melindungi saya." Ramon berkata pada mereka berdua. "Jangan khawatir, Tuan, kapal sudah terkendali. Prajurit kita menaklukkan musuh kita dengan cukup baik di sana." di skuad sebelumnya mengamankan Ramon. "Tolong lindungi hidupku. Aku masih harus hidup. Aku belum menikah." Ramon menepuk pundak pasukan. Wajahnya yang ketakutan membuat Yu Lin dan Zi Fei terkekeh. . . . Andy membawa Hai Rin ke geladak, ketika dia melangkah keluar, dia menghela nafas lega. "Terima kasih Tuhan, mereka sudah mengamankan geladak. Jika tidak .." "Hai Rin!" Richard sudah berlari ke arahnya. Dia segera melepas jaketnya dan membungkus tubuhnya sebelum dia mengambilnya dari lengan Andy. "Apa yang terjadi? Siapa yang melakukan ini padanya?" Richard memindai tubuhnya. Ada banyak memar dan wajahnya juga bengkak "Itu Su Zhin yang .." Andy juga merasa kasihan melihatnya seperti ini. Dia tidak melanjutkan kata-katanya. "Richard ..." dia terisak ketika mendengar suara Richard. Tubuhnya gemetar kesakitan karena dia tidak punya energi lagi. "Aku minta maaf. Aku minta maaf. Aku meninggalkanmu di sana sendirian." Dia mencium dahinya mencoba untuk menebus kecerobohannya. "Aku suci ..." "Tidak apa-apa. Aku di sini." Peluk dia erat-erat, dia berkata lagi, "Mari kita perlakukan kamu dulu, oke." dia melirik satu tentara di sampingnya. Segera dia memanggil satu dokter militer untuk menghadiri Hai Rin. Dia memandang memar dan lukanya sebelum berkata pada Richard, "Kita harus segera membawanya ke rumah sakit. Dia tidak bisa tinggal di sini terlalu lama." "Baik." dia langsung menjawab. "Eh, tuan. Saya ingin Anda ikut dengan saya dulu." Dokter berkata kepada Richard. Melihat wajah Hai Rin, dia merasa berat untuk membiarkannya turun dari lengannya. "Pergi. Aku akan baik-baik saja. Aku menunggu di sana." dia menyeka air matanya dari pipinya dan menunjuk ke suatu tempat di dekat pagar baja. 'Yah, setidaknya jika aku ingin muntah, aku bisa muntah ke laut kan?' dia pikir. "Bisakah kamu berjalan?" "Uhn. Andy bisa membantuku." "Oke .. aku akan kembali sebentar lagi." Andy menopang tubuhnya ke pagar sementara Richard berjalan di belakang dokter. ... "Berbicara." "Tuan Richard, kondisi istrimu tidak diizinkan untuk bepergian menggunakan Cessna Jet. Ada satu helikopter sedang dalam perjalanan ke sini. Kami akan membawanya ke rumah sakit dalam waktu kurang dari satu jam. Karena itu, kami akan memberikan solusi infusnya terlebih dahulu." "Apa maksudmu dia tidak bisa bepergian menggunakan Cessna jet?" Richard bertanya dengan rasa ingin tahu. . . "Apakah kamu baik-baik saja? Apakah kamu membutuhkan aku untuk menggendongmu?" Andy cemas menatap wajahnya. "Aku baik-baik saja. Hei .. Kemana saja kamu? Aku sudah mencarimu." Dia menjawab dengan nada sedih. "Aku minta maaf." . . Su Zhin dan Rong Yue ditangkap dan dua tentara mengawal mereka ke geladak bersama antek Rong. Setelah melihat Richard sekarang berbicara dengan seorang pria yang cukup jauh dari Hai Rin dan Andy, dia memandang Rong Yue mengisyaratkan dia untuk mengalihkan perhatian prajurit itu. Rong Yue mengangguk dan dia tiba-tiba menggunakan sikunya dan menampar wajah prajurit itu dan membuat beberapa prajurit mendatanginya. Mendapat pembukaan, Su Zhin mengambil pistol dari prajurit dan berlari ke mereka berdua yang berada di tepi kapal. Tunjuk senjatanya, dia siap mengambil nyawanya. . . Mata Richard melihat sekilas wanita berlari ke titik berdiri istrinya. Segera dia mengeluarkan senjatanya dan Bang! Su Zhin menghentikan langkahnya, tangannya gemetar ketika dia menarik pelatuknya lebih awal. Dia yakin dia telah menembaknya, tetapi mengapa dia adalah orang yang merasakan sakit yang luar biasa di dadanya. Bang! Gedebuk! Senjatanya jatuh ke lantai diikuti dengan mayatnya. "Tidak!!!!!" Rong Yue berteriak setelah melihat Su Zhin berbaring di lantai terlihat tak bernyawa. "Andy!" Hai Rin terkejut oleh suara tembakan tiba-tiba. Dia melihat Andy yang sudah mengerutkan kening mencoba menahan rasa sakit di bahunya. Rong Yue menatap si penembak. Richard yang menembaknya dari belakang dan yang kedua adalah kepalanya. Dia kemudian mengalihkan matanya ke Hai Rin yang dilindungi oleh Andy yang telah ditembak di bahunya saat menutupi tubuh Hai Rin. Dia menggertakkan giginya dan mengamuk bersama para prajurit membuat mereka semua sulit untuk bertarung dengannya. Richard mengarahkan senjatanya ke arahnya, bertujuan untuk menembaknya. Dia sangat sulit untuk menembak karena gerakannya cepat dan bagus mengalahkan prajurit satu per satu. Sebelum dia menarik pelatuknya, Rong Yue melempar bom gas air mata membuatnya sulit menemukan sosoknya. Itu terjadi begitu cepat membuat mereka tidak siap membela diri dengan serangannya. Dia berlari ke Andy dan menendang perutnya dengan keras. Andy tidak siap dan tidak punya waktu untuk menutup matanya ketika gas bom air mata meledak, sebagai gantinya, dia menutupi mata Hai Rin dengan tangannya. Ketika dia berbalik, Rong Yue sudah menendang perutnya dan mendorongnya dengan keras. Hai Rin ada di sampingnya ketika Rong Yue mendorongnya dan menendangnya. Itu membuat Hai Rin kaget dan sedikit berteriak. Tidak tahu apa yang terjadi di depan, dia mengambil langkah di belakang dan tergelincir ke tepi pagar ketika Andy menggedor pagar membuat pagar ditarik keluar dari kapal. Keduanya jatuh ke laut. "Ahhhh !!" Hai Rin berteriak membuat Richard segera lari ke pagar dan melompat ke laut juga. Rong Yue mengambil perangkat bom lain dan membuangnya ke laut. "Ambil itu! Ambil milikku, sekarang aku ambil milikmu."